Team Pages

  •  Administrative Team
    The Administrative Team consists of 5 members: The moderator and vice moderator are officers of the Association. Each year, one of each of the additional 3 members will be elected for a 3-year term, each member at large is selected from different regions of the association. The chairman of the team will be selected from the members at large and is approved by the association.  This team will be responsible for seeking applicants for salaried positions of the Association when  necessary and recommending the best-qualified candidate to the Executive Team for approval.  This team supervises the Director of Missions in relation to the operation of the Associational office and makes recommendations to the Executive Team for approval of salaries and fringe benefits for all paid personnel.
  • Executive Team:
    The Executive Team includes Association officers, team leaders, the senior pastor of each member church, and two lay members from each church. The team will meet quarterly with a quorum consisting of the members present. The team will tend to the work of the Association between meetings and report all actions to the Association.
  • Leadership Team
    The Leadership Team advises and supervises the Director of Missions, preserves Associational history and encourages member churches to preserve their history.  This team also nominates individuals to serve on various teams, offices and committees of the ABA; plans worship and business sessions for the annual Association meetings; proposes resolutions for the Association; proposes changes to the Constitution & By-laws; manages Association finances, and encourages churches to faithfully support the ABA.
  • Missions Team
    The Missions Team oversees Associational, state, national, and global missions opportunities; including partnership missions, disaster response, volunteer missions and ministries, and community missions and ministries.   This team also conducts periodic surveys to determine mission needs. The team also communicates mission activities and opportunities to the member churches of the Association.
  • Strengthening Churches Team
    The Strengthening Churches team is responsible for promoting cooperative ministries, providing training for those ministries, and encouraging participation in them. The ministries include: Sunday School, Discipleship Training, Student Ministry, Senior Adult Ministry, Christian Life, and Church-Pastor Relations.