Bible Institute:

To help equip the churches in our association. Strengthening Church Team has created an Appomattox Association Bible Institute held at Calvary Baptist Church at 6:00 P.M. on Sunday evenings. If you do not already have a Sunday evening Service please consider attending. Our desire is for the believers in our association to gain Biblical knowledge and to become stronger in their faith. The goal is for believers who attend to become stronger leaders and for them to be a godly influence in their local churches. Below is a schedule for the institute which will give further details.

Bland County Mission Week:

Food Bank:

Sports Camp:

This week focuses on  teaching basic skills in a variety of sports, Bible study, worship and games.   It is open to all children from Kindergarten to 5th Grade; starting at 9 AM and ending at noon.   There is no cost for this event, it is something that our church offers because we care about our committee and its children.  It is an annual event taking place near the end of the school year, during the first few weeks of June.   The camp is staff by Volunteers  from many different church in our Association.
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Stop Hunger Now: