Ghana 2017

Early in 2017, we are planning an associational trip to join God’s mission in Ghana.  Virginia Baptists have partnered with the Ghana Baptist Convention to reduce malaria in Yendi, Ghana and to plant churches in the surrounding area. Over the last few years, we have been part of :

  • Distributing chemically treated mosquito nets within the Yendi municipality.  The goal is to distribute 100,000 nets.  The population of Yendi is approximately 180,600.
  • Providing vital education into the proper use of the mosquito net
  • Providing additional education on health, awareness, and prevention of malaria

BUT it’s more than just distributing mosquito nets.  There are approximately 454 communities in Yendi. 145 of those already had a church at the beginning of this missions endeavor.  The BGAV goal has been to assist the Ghana Baptist Convention, under the leadership of church planter Emmanuel “Moose” Mustapha, in planting 309 churches in the remaining villages.  Over 200 churches have already been started!  Next winter, we have an opportunity to be part of what God is doing in Ghana.  The Appomattox Baptist Association is sponsoring a trip (tentatively scheduled for January 30-February 8, 2017).

You can participate in several ways:

  • Pray about becoming part of the team that will go to Ghana.
  • Pray for the team going and those already there.
  • Contribute to the cost of the trip for those who will go (approximately $2,000 per person).
  • Contribute to the cost of mosquito nets ($10 pays for 1 mosquito net, education on how to use it, transportation, and church planting).

In years past, I know many of you have participated to varying degrees in global missions.  Prayerfully consider how God may be calling you now.

If you are interested, please let us know.

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