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**Disaster Relief Updates*

Last updated  5/6/2016
Appomattox Recovery Opportunities for Churches


Disaster Response Update – Appomattox from Virginia Baptists on Vimeo.


Ways to help

Evergreen Distribution Center


  • Help collecting items that people need
  • Data gathering of tornado victims
  • Data input of tornado victims
  • Transporting items from the warehouse to the church
Money is what is most needed (other kinds of donations are not as useful at this time)
  • ABA is taking donations
  • Gleaning for the World is the Financial agent for Appomattox (receiving funds and will be distributing them as directed by the Appomattox Long Term Recovery Group).  You must designate donations for Appomattox Disaster Relief
  • BGAV is also receiving funds that can be earmarked for Appomattox Recovery Efforts
Help Host Groups
  • Housing
  • Food
  • Etc.


2/29/16 11:40 AM – Shuttle services to job sites has now come to a close.  We had at least 400 people use our shuttles Friday through Sunday.  Central Baptist Church has received a trailer to load salvageable items such as pews.  Thanks to all who volunteered to help.  Please note:

  • The initial disaster relief phase is now over.  Most roofs have tarps.  Most essential debris has been removed.  We now need to look for creative long-term assistance to families displaced or affected by the tornado.  Pray for the insurance process to go smoothly.
  • Please consider donating to the Appomattox Baptist Association for our disaster relief efforts in the days and weeks ahead.  Pastors, ask your churches to pray about donating to the ABA directly, and the ABA leadership will disperse funds as needed.

Tornado in Appomattox

Cleanup on Friday , February 26th in the Evergreen area. Photo courtesy of Pastor Dan Davis of Reedy Springs Baptist Church.

On February 24, 2016, Appomattox County was ravaged with an EF-3  tornado, with estimated wind speeds between 136 mph and 165 mph.  The tornado traveled about 13 miles at a width of 400 yards.  Along its path over a hundred homes were damaged or destroyed.  One of the structures destroyed was Central Baptist Church, a cooperating church of the Appomattox Baptist Association.  Unfortunately the community has suffered one death as well.

The Appomattox Baptist Association is committed to helping the victims in the days ahead, being the hands and feet of Jesus.  We are cooperating with trained Baptist disaster relief teams in the immediate days ahead.  We know many in the communities surrounding Appomattox will look for tangible ways to help the victims.  Please consider teaming up with the Appomattox Baptist Association and stay connected as we walk through this tragedy together.

Here is aerial footage of the tornado’s path from Central  Virginia Aerial Solutions as published on WSET:

Ways You Can Help

  1. Stay up to date with announcements at the top of this page.  Pass on the updates to your churches and families.
  2. Contribute with a check made out to “Appomattox Baptist Association” and designate the contribution to “Disaster Relief.”
  3. Churches, consider holding a special prayer and offering in an upcoming service.
  4. Pray for wisdom concerning logistics, safety during cleanup, long-term planning to help the victims, and opportunities for spiritual conversations.

Romans 12:15 – Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn.